If you attended secondary school in Nigeria, then you remember what a big deal inter-house sports were. From the houses to the glucose, here are 11 things that will take you right back to simpler times.

1. Every Nigerian’s first introduction to crack:

Who wasn’t addicted to glucose?

2. When the headmaster announces that there will be no classes.

The best part of the whole thing.

3. The house that always lost:

Yellow House could never win.

4. The house that always won:

Red House had all the best athletes.

5. The house that always had the most fun:

Blue House had all the cool kids.

6. When they start looking for people to do march past.

God forbid.

7. The only drink we recognised:

Everyone who liked this is now an alcoholic.

8. How they pick the kings and queens of march past:

Ugly people deserve love too.

9. How you perform when you crush is watching you:

You suddenly found energy out of nowhere.

10. Everyone gathering to watch the 100m senior boys race:

The main event.

11. You, when your house wins even though you didn’t participate:

I’m so proud of us all.


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