I want to start by giving honor to whom honor is due and that’s by thanking the people on the frontline who are risking exposure to this disease. From community pharmacists to doctors, nurses, lab scientists, physiotherapists, radiographers. Everyone that has to come in contact with patients during this crucial period, salute.

If you are a health worker in Nigeria, chances are that you can relate to one or more of this:

1) When you hear “I have a high-grade fever and medicines aren’t working.”

Refer to LUTH!

2) When a patient coughs in the consulting room.

Is this how I die?

3) The required distance for seeing any patient right now.

Shout across your complaints.

4) Your reaction when you see people not staying at home.

Am I a joke to you?

5) The look you give when someone enters the Hospital without washing their hands at the entrance.

I didn’t kill my parents so you won’t kill me. Go back.

6) How community Pharmacists collect money these days.

Hope you sha sanitized the money?

7) When you feel yourself breathing funny.

Hot eba PRN.

8) “Come and examine this patient…”

I am not doing.

9) “Ahan, why are you wearing a face mask, doctor self dey sick?”

Respect yourself.

10) When you want to help everyone but you remember that the Hazard fee is N5,000.

Affliction will not rise a second time.

11) You once this whole Corona issue blows over.

Jaapa season.



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