As adults, we can tell rich people from their designer brands and minimalist aesthetic. But in primary school, we had to look out for these things:

Cortina shoes 

This was the Nike of those days. The rich kids would wear this with long white socks. 


You can’t even deny you envied your classmates who wore glasses because they were the ultimate rich kid indicator, especially when it came with ropes. 

Rolling bags

Only the bad bitches of primary school had this bag, while the others took turns helping her roll the bag. 

Cartoon lunch box

Their lunch boxes had to be from a popular Disney or Cartoon Network cartoon.

Fancy stationery cases

Basic where? 

G-shock watch 

These watches had them feeling like Ben 10. 

Shamballa bracelets 

Even though it was probably not even allowed in school. 

Juice box 

Whether it was Ribena, Bobo or Capri-Sonne, they sha always leave home with a juice box. We’re convinced that’s where the Capri-Sonne addiction started. 

They had drivers 

Do we still need to explain this one?

Check their notes 

This was the birth of minimalism. If their notes were wrapped in transparent wrapping papers instead of calendar sheets and newspapers, just know they’re filthy rich.  

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