10 Tattoo Ideas That Won’t Get You Thrown Out Or Disowned By Your Parents

March 8, 2019

So, you’ve finally given in to peer pressure and have decided to get a tattoo.


Took you long enough. Welcome to the dark side.


The only problem is you still live with your parents and don’t want to get thrown out and/or disowned, which you know will most likely be their course of action WHEN  they find out.


Well, you’re in luck. I have a few tattoo ideas your parents aren’t necessarily gonna love but won’t be able to fault because of their connection to the tattoos’ subject matter.


Tattoo ideas like:


1. Jesus.

You get extra points if it’s of Jesus during his trials, all bloody and scarred. That way, what your parents will remember when they look at it is how much he suffered for humanity.

2. Mary, Jesus’ mother

I had to specify which Mary because can you imagine the awkwardness of mistakenly getting a tattoo of Mary Magdalene??

3. Joseph, Jesus’ father

I had to specify which Joseph because of the more famous Joseph in the bible. Also, he has to be holding baby Jesus so it’s easier to explain to people who it is.


Joseph really should’ve gotten more screen time sha.

4. The entire nativity scene.

Animals, wise men, and all. Will the entire process hurt like hell because of how complex and detailed it is? Yes. But pain is beauty, and it’ll remind your parents of Christmas.

5. Bible scripture. If you don’t want the generic style of “bible verse placed on random patch of skin,” kick it up a notch and get the “flesh-eating virus destroying skin” version. Like this one:

This tattoo is equal parts impressive and disgusting, and I’m conflicted on how to feel about it.

6. A bible.

Is it a hella dumb idea for a tattoo? Yes.


Why is it on this list? Because the overall theme calls for it.

7. The pope.

Any pope, really. But you get extra points if it’s of Pope John Paul II a.k.a the only Pope we’ve had in the last 20 years that didn’t look like he ate children in his spare time.

8. Any popular pastor they respect.

And that’s that on that.

9. The Last Supper

Also known as the most famous dinner party in history that seemingly had only bread and wine on the menu.

10. This hilarious take on what is arguably Jesus’ most famous miracle.


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