The only thing that comes out of being predictable is see-finish. This is your sign to start doing things that’ll shock people, and these ten things are a good place to start. 

Throw your phone away 

How can you be mysterious when you go on social media to tweet or post pictures? 

Wear your clothes backwards 

People might call you weird or think you’re strange, but that’s part of the mystery. 

Speak in riddles

If you don’t know any riddles, you can make up words. Just channel your inner Chiwetalu Agu. 

Them: Where are you going? 

You: Ekwensu eh romance mamiwater.


Whenever you’re walking with someone, break into a sprint and leave them guessing. 

Never use your real name

David where? Better look for a name in a language nobody has heard before. And make sure you change it every month. 

Be unavailable 

Go offline, stay indoors, leave your employer guessing then show up on the fifth day and blame it on your alter ego. You may lose your job, but at least, you’ll have more time to be mysterious.

Sleep with your eyes open 

If you really want to leave people guessing, make sure you’re lying face up. Are you asleep? Are you awake? Are you a cultist? No one knows.

Challenge people to staring contests 

Walk up to random people and say nothing. Just open your eyes wide and stare at them. Even if they ask you questions, don’t answer. They’ll either fight you or run away. Either way, mystery wins. 

Get a scar

How you want to get this is entirely left to you, TBH. Just make sure it’s somewhere people can see and ask about it.

Ask all the questions

Whenever someone asks you a question, eye them and walk away. We’re not sure how you’ll do your next job interview sha.

Test yourself: Score 12/16 on This Quiz to Prove You’re Mysterious 



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