Fake friends.

We all have them.

I mean, what are the odds that the dozens of people you say “hi” to every day actually like you? Not to make you paranoid but the odds aren’t that high. Yeah. That neighbour that smiles at you enthusiastically every morning on your way to work would most likely watch your house burn to the ground if she was sure it wouldn’t affect her apartment.

These 10 people figured that out the hard way.

This girl whose beauty made her friend jealous AF.

This woman and her friend with misplaced priorities.

This girl who really needs to cut her friends off.

This girl who left out of a friend group one time and never recovered.

Isn’t it insane how people just like lying for no reason?

Why are people wicked like this?

Mothers are just the best.

I know I shouldn’t laugh at these but LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!

Wickedness in its highest form.

Mothers can also be terrible influences.


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