If you’ve got your HERtitude ticket, you’re the hottest babe we know. 

If you haven’t gotten your ticket, you’re still a hot babe, but why don’t you want to party with us?

HERtitude is in two weeks, and we have a shit ton of activities planned. We really can’t wait for all our hotter-than-fire babes to see them.

The free ones

Performances by your faves

We have a lineup of the hottest female artists for the hottest babes.


You get to sing along to all your favourite songs to your heart’s content.

Z! HER Got Talent

We know how incredibly talented our hot babes are, so we’ve decided to give you even more space to shine.

Fashion Parade

The world is your runway. But we want HERtitude to be your runway too. We’ve dedicated 30 minutes of the day to all our fashion it-girls. Bring it on, stunner.

Who’s that Girl? Speed friendships

You can find out which hot babe matches your crazy and form a lifelong bond with them. 

Bouncing castle

Credit: nagpurgovtquarters

We want you to have the best time. If we must recreate childhood memories to make that happen, so be it. The event date isn’t on Children’s Day for nothing.

Board games

You get to play a shit ton of board games — everything from monopoly to snacks & ladder and card games — with your fellow hot babes while sipping on a cocktail. You’ll be living the life.

Limbo dance

Credit: amazing.zone

How low can you go? We want to know, so stretch well in advance.

Beer pong

Credit: Eater

This is always a hit. We’ve got a couple red cups with your name on it. You just need to come prepared.

Pull the right blocks out and win. May the force be with you.

More Games

Relive your inter-house sports days at HERtitude with all the games we have planned.

Face/body painting

Credit: Emily’s entertainment

Become an easel for the day, and let our painters paint wonderful masterpieces on you.

The ones you have to drop money for 

Paint and Sip

We want you to feel like a modern-day Frida Kahlo; paintbrush in one hand, drink in the other.


Credit: king5news

Make beautiful pieces with clay, and keep them. Think of it as our little gift to you.

Candle making

Credit: MarthaStewart

Do you want a candle with that new car smell? Or one that smells of money? We can’t guarantee those scents, but you can try and see what happens. 

Spa session

We know how stressful it is to carry all that hotness on your back, so we called on some experts to help loosen the knots and make you good as new.

Tattoos and piercings

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It doesn’t matter what you want done. Our artists will be ready for you.

Us hot babes will be partying on May 27 at the women-only party of the year. Will you?




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