What Even Is International Women’s Day?

March 4, 2019

Around this time every year, like clockwork, you can expect to see a slew of questions from the usual suspects. “What of the men?”, ‘”When is men’s day o?”, “Is it every time women? There are like 10 mother’s days”.

This year we decided to tackle this misinformation problem (?) by answering all of the most common questions well beforehand.

When is the day gan gan you people have been making noise since the beginning of March?

Relax your navs it’s on the 8th but we’ll celebrate all year long if we want.

Oh is it the day we appreciate women for their sacrifices?

If by sacrifices you mean defying all odds to flourish in a predominantly patriarchal society, then yup.

Do I have to get a gift?

Sure that’ll be sweet. A couple of roses maybe a fruit basket. Doing your part to ensure women get equal opportunities and rights would also go along nicely with a card.

I’m a man how do I celebrate it too?

By celebrating all women. And not being that one guy who tweets on the 8th of March ‘ok so when is International men’s day?’ which is on the 17th of November by the way.

P.S. ‘all women’ includes both those women who will wake up at 4 am to do ‘one or two things around the house’ and women who will deck you if you try and wake them up at 4.

Ehn but why isn’t the Men’s day not as recognised as Women’s day?

I think this question should be directed at men. But if I had to guess I think it’ll have something to do with stats like this.

Shey there’s mother’s day what’s the need for another women’s day?

You might need to grab a seat for this one, I’m about to blow your mind. *whispers* not all women are mothers.  *whispers even more quietly* womanhood doesn’t equal motherhood. *in a barely audible tone* women who are mothers are not defined by their motherhood alone. See where I’m going with this

Is there a theme?

There’s a new them every year. This year it’s ‘Balance for better’.  You know, like when men and women have equal rights and opportunities, everyone (men included) will be better off.

I still don’t get it, what’s the point?

There’s a super long way to go when it comes to this gender equality thing. I mean it’s 2019 and there’s still a ridiculous gender wage gap. But on the 8th we celebrate just how far we have come and the many achievements of women across the world. Not forgetting the friendly reminder that’s there’s so much more that needs to be done.

Just so I don’t get it wrong IWD is a day to celebrate women’s achievements while highlighting how much is left to be done.

Spot on.

Now if I see any tweets, posts, articles on the 8th asking any of these questions, nobody should hold me when I off shirt to fight.

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