In a perfect world, everyone (read as “men”) minds the business that pays them and, most importantly, stays out of women’s business. 

But we’re not in a perfect world, and that’s why — in big 2024 — we still have to debunk misconceptions about girls who love to party and attend women-only parties.

Women-only parties = Queer orgies

Someone woke up and decided that women-only parties are just an excuse for the queer community to meet and organise elaborate genital meet-and-greets, and incels decided to run with it. Someone needs to get everyone who believes this a role in Nollywood because the imagination choke. Sorry that women having fun by themselves is such a foreign concept to some of you.

It’s all double standards

Once men hear something like HERtitude is dedicated to women alone, they start crying about discrimination and asking, “Why can’t you do the same for only men?” My brothers in the Lord, is there anything stopping you from doing your own?

They don’t really like each other

People will really see babes do as much as follow each other to the toilet at parties and believe they’re just scheming about how to collect each other’s boyfriends. Again, I’m so sorry that female friendships feel like a myth to some of you. Women actually enjoy each other’s company.

They just want to misbehave

Some people still think women only come together to get wasted and engage in catfights. No, we come to have fun and be comfortable in our own skin without apology. If we shout occasionally to show our excitement, so be it.

Someone has to be bankrolling her

How else are women expected to find the money to have a good time? It’s not like they can have jobs or excel at business.

They’re actually doing hook-up

In summary, any girl who loves going to parties is using style to find a “client”. Make it make sense.

HERtitude can’t be fun without men

All the pictures and videos showing babes having the time of their lives were all a giant plot to hide the emptiness we felt because the other gender wasn’t there to ogle us.

Well, HERtitude is back, and we’ll gather all the hot babes to do it all over again and have the most amazing time while at it. Have you gotten a ticket yet? You should do so right now.

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