Last night I watched Chief Daddy. Which is a movie about a really rich man with many wives who dies suddenly. The plot gets a little confusing after this happens, but that’s not why we are here. We are here to talk about the legend that is Patience Ozokwor.

Even though Mama G  is most popular for roles where she plays the wicked mother-in-law or is plotting to poison some unsuspecting victim, her acting has great range. Over her decades-long career, Patience Ozokwor has played a range of characters in dozens and dozens of movies and killed every one of them. As homage to the queen, we decided to rank her most popular movies from our best to our worst Patience Ozokwor movies.

Wedding Party 2

Wedding Party 2 is not on this list because of Mama G’s performance in it, which was stellar. It’s on this list because a second Wedding Party should never have happened. And even Patience Ozokowor being cast in it couldn’t save it.


Omugwo is yet another movie that Patience Ozokwor couldn’t save. Even though she pulls off her character as a caring mother-in-law and grandmother, watching the movie was more painful than watching paint dry.

Mama-G In America

Mama G In America is one of Ozokwor’s most popular movies ever. Which is why I struggled a lot with its placement on this list. Coming out just a year after Nkem Owoh’s ‘Osuofia In London’, ”Mama G In America’ felt like a knockoff of it.

Blood Sister

Playing the sweet and doting mother to Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji, in ‘Blood Sister’ we see a  departure from the role  Ozokwor is usually cast. While watching her play a character who doesn’t end up poisoning and killing someone was a little hard to believe. Because well it’s Patience Ozokwor, she manages to pull it off.

Upside Down

We get classic Patience Ozokwor in ‘Upside Down’. She’s heartless, she’s conniving, she’s insulting. Most importantly she spends all of her time tormenting her daughter-in-law – Stephanie Okereke. Upside Down is an absolute delight to watch. It’s also the movie we get this legendary meme from.


If you ever thought that there are moral lines Mama G’s characters couldn’t cross, then you must have never watched ‘Submission’. In this movie, Patience Ozokwor’s daughter catches her in bed with her husband. Her reply to her daughter’s accusations? ‘Nothing ruins a marriage like suspicion.’ Patience Ozokwor can obviously teach Nigerian men a lesson or two on cheating.

August Meeting

August Meeting isn’t one of the most popular Patience Ozokwor movies, but if you are an OG fan, then you must have watched it. While Ozokwor is killing off people as usual in this movie, this time it’s for as good a reason you can get from Patience Ozokwor. In ‘August Meeting’ she cheats on her husband, gets caught and kills the person who catches her. This will always be my all-time favourite Patience Ozokwor movie.



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