We Answered Every Question You Might Have About Postinor 2

February 4, 2019

For people who seem to be having a whole lot of sex, Nigerians hate to talk about sex openly. And the only people allowed to be unabashedly vocal about it? Men.

When women talk about sex it’s expected to be in hushed tones and whispers. And heaven forbid, an unmarried single Nigerian woman utter any declarations about sex that aren’t ‘sex is bad and I’m saving myself for marriage’.

The ripple effect of this societally enforced gag on discussions about sex, is a whole lot of misinformation being passed around. Misinformation that particularly affects women adversely. Where to start talking about Nigerian women and sex is hard. There’s just so much to unpack, from repressed sexuality to the shaming of sexually liberated women. But I thought I’ll start with Postinor 2 and all the misconceptions about it.

What exactly is Postinor 2?

It’s an emergency contraceptive you take after unprotected sex that prevents you from getting pregnant. It, however, doesn’t protect you from STIs and STDs so please always use condoms.

How often am I supposed to take it?

Not too often please, the emergency in the name is not for play. And that’s why it’s also called – Plan B. It’s a backup in case some other form of contraception like a condom, fails.

Is it true that if I take it too often I’ll no longer be able to have kids?

No. In all the years, the pill has been studied and researched there have been no conclusive studies to show that it affects fertility in any way.

Is it actually effective?

The odds are of you getting pregnant if you take it immediately after sex, is about 5%. And I think that’s a pretty great number. But the longer you wait, the higher that number goes. So if you wait let’s say 72 hours that number can go as high as 42%.

I skipped a period after taking Postinor, took a pregnancy test that was negative but could I be pregnant?

The odds are that you aren’t. One of the side effects of Postinor 2 is delayed or sometimes altogether missed periods. So you are probably good boo.

I took it more than a week after having unprotected sex will it work?

Yeah, I’m going to say probably not.

But I took it a week after sex one time like that and I didn’t get pregnant.

Yeah that was just God working in your life sister, it definitely wasn’t the Postinor.

If I’m already pregnant will it abort my baby?

No, it will most definitely not. It can only prevent you from getting pregnant.

How much is it?

Retail prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. But it’s usually between 500 to 1000 naira.

If I have sex again just after taking it, am I still covered?

It’s not a two for one deal sis. You won’t be covered. If you are looking for round the clock protection then get on the pill.

Where can I buy postinor?

It’s an over the counter pill so you can walk into any pharmacy and buy it. Ignore the side eye the pharmacists gives you, they are also having sex. And for some odd reason it’s even available on Konga.

If my period comes the next day do I still need to take Postinor?

Yup, because even though the odds of you getting pregnant are slimmer when your period comes right after, better safe than sorry.

It’ll make me fat.

Not if you use as intended, in an E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y.

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask them, this a judgement free zone.

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