Adanma, 35

Personally, I’ve been really lucky when it comes to nannies. Not even my experiences as a mother but my mother’s experiences too. My mother had the same nanny assisting her while raising all 6 of her children. I can’t say her name here but she was one of the highlights of my childhood. My mother trusted her completely and she was practically a sibling. It was heartbreaking when she left. A lot of mothers need help but don’t bother getting a nanny for reasons I think are rooted in paranoia, but not me. I’ve had the same nanny for 4 years helping with my children (2 and 4 years old) and it’s been smooth sailing. 10/10, will definitely recommend it. LOL

Jenrola, 29

My last nanny tried to steal my laptop. It’s not like I didn’t know she was a thief but up until that incident, she had only taken small things I was able to overlook. Small food here, N200 there. But that day felt like a dream. I could not believe my eyes. I was sitting in the living room watching TV when she walked past me and out the front door. Usually, this wouldn’t even grab my attention but the way she zoomed past made me suspicious. I quickly followed her outside and found her struggling to open the gate with one hand while holding something under her shirt with the other. I asked her to show me what was under her shirt and lo and behold, it was my laptop and charger. I was furious and impressed at the same time. I guess I should’ve known that not calling her out for the small stuff would only convince her to up her game. She really said, “go big or go home.”

So I sent her home.

Philomena, 45

My experiences with nannies have been just fine. In the periods I needed the help, I had about 4 nannies (never at the same time) and I would say that all of them were adequate. I can’t point out one that was spectacular or bad, which is great sha. Because of the stories I’ve heard from other mothers about their experiences, ehn. It’s God that will save somebody. Anyway, I would advise mothers to get nannies. Children are a blessing from God but they’re also a lot of stress. If you can afford help, get it.

Jennifer, 26

Getting a nanny is something I told myself I’d never do because the idea of trusting one’s child(ren) with a stranger makes me hyperventilate. But I was forced to do it after having my first child in 2020. Basically, I had underestimated the toll childbirth and motherhood would take on my body so after returning home from the hospital, I was exhausted all the time because I couldn’t catch a break. My mum was supposed to come help for a few months but she couldn’t leave my dad because he was sick at the time. After struggling for a while, I begged my mum to help me find a nanny, and she did. The nanny has lived with me for almost two years now. Her work is great and we get along really well. I don’t regret my decision to get a nanny.

The key to finding the right nanny is vetting prospective candidates properly. Considering the fact that people who need nannies are already overcome with responsibilities, it’s easy for them to possibly dismiss the vetting process. That’s a  problem the company, EveryNanny, aims to solve.

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