More African women are embracing the idea of using knotless braids. The style is not just pretty but also protective of the hair of African women. In this article, we discuss why so many people love knotless braids, the difference between a knotless braid and regular box braids, and how to care for knotless braids.

What is a knotless braid?

A knotless braid is a variation of box braids. It’s a protective hairstyle used mainly by black people to protect their natural hair. It protects the hair roots and allows for a less painful braiding experience. It also can come in varying sizes.

knotless braid
Big knotless braids. Image credit; We Heart It on Pinterest
Black woman in box braids
Small knotless braids. Image: We Heart It on Pinterest

Difference between knotless braid and box braid

Box braids are more painful because the braiding starts at the root of the hair. The hair attachments are added immediately after braiding begins. With knotless braids, the natural hair is braided first and then the hair attachments are added along. That’s why they are less painful than box braids. Knotless braids are also more expensive than box braids and take more time to make. However, prices will vary on braider.

black woman in box braids
Box braids. Image: AllThingsHair on Pinterest
knotless braid
Knotless braids: ThriveNaija on Pinterest

How to care for knotless braids?

Caring for knotless braids is the same as caring for many different kinds of braids. Another benefit of knotless braids is the ease of access to your scalp. This allows for easy application of hair care treatment such as oils and creams. You should also go to a salon after four to six weeks for a more professional touch-up. It can last for as long as two months, depending on hair care.

What styles can work with knotless braids?

EVERYTHING! With your knotless box braids, the sky is your beginning. They can be styled as ponytails, pigtails, high buns, or can be accessorized with scarves. With knotless box braids, anything goes!

black woman in knotless braid styled in a bun knotless braid
Knotless braid in a bun. Image: Style Glam on Pinterest


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