Today, the 24th of January Aunty Oby who had been the most vocal female candidate for the 2019 presidential elections declared that she was dropping out of the race. Her reason? To help form an ‘effective’ coalition to defeat APC and PDP. Regardless of the fact that the election is less than a month away.

But we’ve all been so focused on Aunty Oby that we forgot that there are other superwomen running for the presidency who are worth looking into.

In a country where it’s only ‘asewo women’ who leave their fathers’ houses to live alone instead of entering husband’s house, these 6 women went  ‘fuck it’ and decided to run for the presidency.

Although we  acknowledge the odds of any of them winning as so slim it might as well be non-existent, we’ll forever stan

Angela Johnson

Running under the ‘Alliance for a United Nigeria’ party, Angela Johnson is ready to ‘Build a resilient Nigeria’. She describes her ambition as a divine inspiration from God and believes she stands a chance to be the first female president of Nigeria.

One of her slogans is ‘Emancipation 2019’. And if you check the current dollar to naira exchange rate you’d agree with her.

Adesanya-Davies Mercy Olufunmilayo

Remember how excited we were when Prof got into Aso Rock? Only for him to come and be sharing ten ten thousand to traders. Well, Adesanya-Davies Olufunmilayo who is a Professor of linguistics wants the opportunity to restore our faith in Acadas again.

Her slogan is choice. To remind you that there are 74 presidential candidates and lazily going for one of the most prominent without doing your googles is not good enough

Rabia Cengiz

Rabia Cengiz is vying for presidency under the National Action Council (NAC) party. Confusingly there is next to no information about her or her campaign anywhere. Almost as if she’s only box-checking on behalf of her party. At least she’ll go down in history as one of the five women who ran for presidency in Nigeria in 2019.

Atuejide Eunice

Running under the National Interest Party (NIP), which she founded, Eunice Atuejide is not only the youngest woman on this list at 40 but one of the youngest people to run for presidency in history.

Although her campaign has been rife with controversy, you have to admire her tenacity.

Maina Maimuna Kyari

With as little information as can be found on Rania Cengiz, even less can be found on Maina Maimuna Kyari. What we do know is that she’s running for president under the Nigeria Peoples Congress Party (NPC), with Oluwole Yetunde Folake as her Vice. Which makes them the only all-female ticket amongst the 2019 candidates and in Nigeria’s history.

Anyone with any more information on Aunty Maimuna should please share.



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