You need to pass a message with the hairstyle you wear on a first date. Just like your accessories, your hairstyle also speaks volumes. These hairstyle options are strictly for women who date men.

1. The Machine hairstyle

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I am not sure if it is a jet, or a bicycle or an aeroplane. The point is to let him know that you’ll be out of his life at the first sign of discomfort. All you’ll need to get out of that date is a wheel from your hair.

2. The ‘two sides of a coin’ hairstyle.

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He can see crazy, he can see sweet. It’s entirely up to him. You are already letting him see your different sides, so you don’t catch him by surprise when the relationship starts.

3. The gateway hairstyle.

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You are already planning to forget everything about the date – in case the date goes wrong. You can open and close your ears so the foolish things he might say don’t make it to your brain. Seems like a perfect and important hairstyle to me sha.

4. The ‘I don’t need your problems’ hairstyle.

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He needs to know that you already have the weight of the world on your shoulders – and the last thing you need is stress from a Nigerian man. He either takes the weight off your shoulders or leaves you alone. His reaction to your hairstyle will determine if you’ll see him again. You just have to hope and pray that he doesn’t have things weighing him down too.

5. The ‘voice on my head’ hairstyle.

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This hairstyle will instil the fear of god(s) into him – no one is going to tell him not to mess with you.

6. A Barrister’s wig

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You need to pass judgement once the date is over.

7. The ‘baba dudu’ hairstyle.

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You are already coming to the date looking like a snack. You can also put some baba Dudu in your hair, in case the food at the date is not sweet, he’ll have the option of two snacks.


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