If you’ve ever seen Sola Sobowale in a movie you already know she’s nothing short of iconic. You also can’t help but notice just how similar she is to your mum. Here are ten times the Nollywood Queen reminded us that we are all just her children.

When she reminded all of us that she was the real life of the party in ‘Wedding Party’

Everyone else is still learning work. No Aunty Sola? No party.

When she gives her perfect side eye that reminds you of everytime you got in trouble with your mum.

Once she makes this face, you already know your own is finished.

At Owambes, she always come through with her squad ready to slay.

Because friends who slay together, stay together.

She can’t step out into town with her husband if they aren’t wearing and co.

Even the shoes have to match.

When she sends you pictures of her outfit and you don’t compliment her properly.

It’s like you are blind.

When you always forget she is in her 50s because she still looks like this.

She’s the definition of black don’t crack.

She’s super protective of her children and gets paranoid if any small thing should happen.

If you are even ten minutes late she’ll leave ten missed calls on your phone because as far as she’s concerned ritualists have kidnapped you.

When she reminds us that no matter how fashionable we think we are she’ll still kill us with her slay.

Could your fave ever?

She always has sage advice for you.

The kind of advice that’ll help you avoid disgrace.

She has a contagious laugh that always makes you smile.

When she laughs you just have to laugh.

Her makeup game is even more on point than yours.

You are there still struggling with how to do winged eyeliner.

Whether she’s acting or not she’s always dramatic af.

And we love it.

She always owns the dance floor

Kaffy who?

And even though she’s the sweetest person she never let’s you forget who is boss.

She’s the king of all boys and girls. Show of hands if you love Sola Sobowale as much as we do. If you haven’t seen her in ‘King of Boys’ you need to go and watch it right now.


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