It’s a struggle to be a Nigerian woman on a normal day. Add that with the pandemic and it feels like the world’s out to get you. The struggles the Nigerian woman faces during Covid-19 goes beyond not being able to hug your friends or hang out with them. It goes beyond being locked in a house and being afraid to leave because Covid-19 is outside. It includes:

Realising your period is not going to stop for the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 Struggles Nigerian Woman

I never esspered it.

Realising that you can’t go to the saloon to get your hair done.

Covid-19 Struggles Nigerian Woman

Covid-19: Do you mind looking like a hobo for a bit?

Wondering whether it’s safe to get your nails done.

Covid-19 Struggles Nigerian Woman

People before Covid-19: The drip never ends.
Covid-19: LOL.

All the missed wax appointments

Covid-19 Struggles Nigerian Woman

The question becomes: to grow the bush or to grow the bush.

Having to cook your own meals

Because cooking is the absolute ghetto, but Ms Rona is outside.

Not knowing when to stop eating

You eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner in one sitting. It’s been real, waist line.

The struggle not to gain weight

If I perish, I perish

No more dick appointment.

Covid-19 Struggles Nigerian Woman

Or any kind of sexual appointments for that matter.

Girl’s night out becomes something short of a Zoom meeting

Why does the curse of work keep following us?

Trying not to text your ex

Jesus be a fence.

All the baffs but nowhere to go

Might as well dress up and sit down in your house.

Wearing a bra after several weeks or day of not wearing one:

Why does life have to be hard?

What are some things you have struggled with as a woman in the past few months of this Covid-19 pandemic? Leave a comment. Also check out this stack with stories about women.



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