Detty December, like every other thing can be very different for women so here’s a list of things that should be in your bag as you have decided to contribute to the heat in this country. 

1. Condoms 

You know how these parties can get so we want to be ready for whatever happens. Even if you don’t need it, your friend might. 

2. Mask and sanitizer 

Coronavirus and her sisters — Delta and Omicron variants are still outside. Vaccinated or not, please wear your masks and use your sanitizers. Let’s stay safe, January is still coming. 

3. Pepper spray 

People move mad at parties but you can move madder. Just remember to be smart when you have to use your pepper spray. 

4. Menstrual products 

Because little miss mamas can decide to surprise you this holiday with all the orishirishi and sugar. I pray it doesn’t happen to you but better safe than sorry. 

5. Lip balm

Hot girls don’t go around with chapped lips. Get a handy lip balm or lip gloss for your purse if you don’t already have one. 

6. Moisturizer 

Hot girls also don’t go around with ashy legs and hands. Moisturize, babes.

7. ID card 

Because we are still in Nigeria and Bubu is not paying police and civil servants this December. If you get stopped by the police, having a valid ID card might be the thing that saves you. 

8. Your patience

Nigerian women carry bags that are small enough to fit their patience. With the way Nigeria is set up, you’ll need your patience wherever you go this period. 

9. The fear of God 

The fear of whatever God you believe in should be kept very close to you when you go out this month. 

Once you have these nine things in your bag, you are good to go.



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