People are always asking what can actually fit into women’s mini bags. Since you wanted to know so bad, here are six things that can fit in those mini bags.

1) Patience

All the patience a Nigerian woman has can fit into one of those tiny bags. The bags get smaller if the women are shorter because short woman have no patience for you or anyone.

2) ATM card

Women are dedicated to spending money, and that’s why those women’s mini bags have space for just one card. Unfortunately, that card is not theirs.

3) Bank token

If the bags are really really small, they can’t even fit a card. However, they can fit a banking token. Maye banks knew that the bags are getting smaller, so they created new devices that would enable women to spend other people’s money. Amazing.

4) Lipgloss

Lip gloss is how Nigerian women lubricate their lies. Whenever a Nigerian woman is talking to you and she applies lip gloss mid-conversation, she is about to tell some of the most believable lies of all time. That’s why women’s tiny bags are just the right size for a tube of lipgloss. Stay woke.

5) Wickedness

Women have to carry their wickedness with them in small doses, That is why those small bags are necessary. The rest of the wickedness is in one room in their house they never let you open when you come visiting.

6) Shame

Whenever they are going out for brunch, all their shame can fit into that tiny little bag. That is why after their third glass of red wine, they start tweeting recklessly.

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