A lot of people tend to experience pain when they have their periods. Some women have been able to hack this thing (lucky them), so we asked them to share how they handle period pain.

P.S: None of these are professional advice from a doctor. Just women stating what has worked for them.

Amaka, 25

I know it might be extremely irresponsible, but what works for me is marijuana. It just helps ease the pain. I do not take enough to affect my productivity for the day because periods can happen at the weirdest times and work must go on.

Jasmine, 20

Put hot water in a bottle, wrap it in a cloth an put it on my stomach. I also do some yoga poses to help.

Hafiza, 26

I take a lot of painkillers. I am not trying to be a “strong woman” in any way, shape or form. If my period comes on a weekend I will take the medication, cuddle with my pillow in some soft pyjamas, watch romantic comedies, and eat lots of junk food. If it comes during a work day, I take the first day off.

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Anita, 19

Sleep. Honestly, how else do you want me to handle it? I am in crippling pain and I can barely move. Sleep is it, it is sleep.

Christina, 31

I actually avoid sugar like a week to my period and take a lot of unsweetened yoghurt at night before bed. Whenever I do this, the pain is less. I have been doing this for a few years now and it works well. The main problem I have with this is when my period just comes out of the blue, so there was no sugar free and yoghurt week.

Lara, 23

I masturbate. It helps to ease the pain and also destresses me, because periods are very very stressful and unnecessary. Extremely unnecessary.

Faith, 27

I exercise. On a regular day I am not that much of a fitness nut. I go to the gym when I can, but two weeks to my period I start being more consistent. Took this up when I was 21 and had cramps that I believe almost killed me.

Zainab, 19

I drink. If I drink enough, I get numb and pass out. By the time I wake up, I feel better and good as new. Period pain who? Do not know her.

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