Have you ever tried to buy a wig from an online vendor? If you have, then you know these struggles all too well.

1) Price of wig

You see a beautiful wig; double drawn, inches are inching, the curls are bouncing as they should. While still looking at the beauty that is the wig, you click on the “more” on the Instagram caption, and gbam! The wig costs three months salary.

2) Shedding

You buy a wig, and after brushing it a few times, it starts to shed. O wrong nau. Wig, not Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

3) Late replies

You message them on Monday, they reply you on Thursday. What makes it worse is when they now tell you it is unavailable.

4) False Advertising

They will advertise human hair, but send you synthetic. The annoying thing is them charging human hair price.

5) Sales

They do sales almost every two to three business weeks, but then the stories that follow those sales…

6) Wigging

Some places claim to be wig stores, but then they only have bundles advertised on their page and have the audacity to charge extra for wigging. If you want to be a bundles seller, please say so.

7) No physical location

When they now do rubbish for you, you do not have a place to go and fight. You will now have to settle for dragging them on Instagram and Twitter.

Dragging will have to do

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