Ask a Nigerian woman to shoot her shot at her crush and see what she tells you. It’s not because they cannot do it oh. It’s just that MEN! 

Here’s a list of things Nigerian women hate shooting their shot at men: 

1. He could air you 

You will text one man ‘hi’ and that’s how the hi will remain in the chat alone. Which woman wants that? 

Temi otedola meme

2. What if he shows his friends? 

You know how men like to gossip about babes but say they don’t gossip? It’s best to keep your ‘hi’ to yourself before Tife thinks he has your gist. 

Mercy okojie meme

3. He may have bad breath

What if you text him and you both hit it off. Then on your first date, you find out he has bad breath. What will you do, Ms. Shot Shooter? God abeg.

4. He can start telling people you both have had sex 

You know how men behave. He could start a rumour that he has had sex with you meanwhile he has not even seen your underwear. Abeg o.

Nigerian meme

5. His shakara might be too much 

What if you text him ‘hi’ and he texts ‘hi’ back but refuses to carry on the conversation? Where will you go from there? My sister, protect yourself. 

black princess tears meme

6. Men don’t deserve nice things

Imagine serving yourself on a platter of gold by sliding into his DM and any of the aforementioned happens? Let’s avoid shame, okay? 

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