In case you missed it, Zikoko HER is throwing a party and only hot babes are invited. Every woman is a hot babe at Zikoko but is every hot babe a Zikoko party babe? Our resident hot babe, Muna, has compiled a guide to ensure you enjoy yourself at HERtitude

Buy your tickets 

Because having fun at HERtitude won’t even be possible if you don’t have a ticket. If you haven’t gotten one, fix up, babes. If you have, walk with me, as the gorgeous gorgeous babe that you are. 

Prepare your outfit

You can either buy a brand new fit or put two or three pieces from your wardrobe together, and viola, a hot girl fit. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s an article on some of the hottest fits to choose from. You know we always have your back. 

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Practice some dance steps in front of your mirror 

Because you will be dancing a lot at HERtitude. We have a badass DJ, a live band and some of your favourite female artists coming in. The least you can do for us is be ready. So get up and make sure your moves are up to date. 

Gather your funds  

At HERtitude, you will have access to drinks, food and other activities that cost money, like a “paint and sip” session and pottery classes. There will also be vendors stocking things you absolutely need to buy. Long story short, gather your monies. 

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Say hi to the woman in front of you. Tell the woman beside you she’s beautiful. Give hugs, after you’ve gotten their consent, of course. Be a cheerful sport. Remember you’re there to have fun, so make sure you do. 


Remember to drink lots of water. You’re going to be dancing, playing games, and probably, drinking. We don’t want you waking up the next morning like you were hit by a truck, so please, hydrate.

If you still haven’t gotten your ticket for HERtitude, here’s your chance to change that


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