Salary week is rugged — alert enters, but before you blink, the money has disappeared. I did some research *wink* and came up with a list of things Nigerian women spend their salaries on. 

1. Food

This is the first thing. 70% of our salary goes to food. Home cooked meals o, take out o, fancy restaurants o, na here them dey see us. 

woman eating food

2. Rich aunty clothes

Nigerian women and flowy dresses? Inseparable. How else can they know that we are unmarried liberated women who don’t need men to validate us? Inject it! 

aunties dancing

3. Ashawo clothes 

Nigerian babes are versatile queens who can switch it up anytime. Why? Refer to number 2. Besides, that N29,999 Atinuke Shift Dress will not pay for itself, you know 🌚

dancing aunty meme

4. Side dudes

I am not saying Nigerian women cheat. I am just saying that sometimes there are men who need our help with certain things. Especially money. You never know. This can be filed under charity, sha.

feeding a man

5. Piggyvest

Everybody knows Nigerian women are huge savers. They made that app for us. It doesn’t matter if we will withdraw it before month end, what matters is that we saved. Saving our money and saving our lives. A versatile queen, purr.

maraji meme

6. Tiny bags 

Those tiny bags are the best thing since sliced bread. They are so small yet they carry so much. We need the tiny bags to store our patience.  

girl meme

7. Acrylics 

Nigerian girls love their acrylics. Besides, how can we aim for something that is beyond our reach if we don’t have good nails to drag it in?

nails meme

8. Books

Yes, we read. 

9. Skincare

Skincare is so expensive, gosh. Why can’t we be like men who use the same towel on their bum on their face and still have good skin? Skincare is a major money gulper. 

me, god, beauty, meme

10. Enjoyment 

Solo date, date with our fellow babes. God put us on this earth to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. In the wise words of Tiwa Savage, ‘we no come this life to suffer.’

Tiwa Savage meme

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