Sending nudes is a love language when it is solicited and both parties are equally interested in each other. However, Nigerian women are tired of how their men take nudes. The lack of aesthetics and effort is off-putting, so they have compiled a list of tips on how Nigerian men can take the perfect nudes.

Disclaimer: Out of the several opinions, these were the most recurring tips Nigerian women gave for taking proper nudes.

Cynthia, 25

I have had men send nudes to me and the most common problem they have is the poor lighting. You’ll be struggling to see what was sent because the lights are off and they just used their phone flash as the only source of light. This just makes a good-looking dick seem average. If you want to take proper nudes, get a ring light for your penis.

Ini, 24

Find your angles. Men will send you a dick pic with such a strange angle that you would think the dick was involved in an accident. The way you frame a dick will determine how it is perceived. Even if you don’t have an impressive package, find an angle that works to your advantage. Don’t just hold the camera above your penis and take a picture; put in the work.

Hadiza, 28

Before I married my husband, we exchanged nudes. If I had gone by the images he sent to me, I wouldn’t have married him. The pictures were always semi blurry and very pixelated. I could barely make out what I was staring at. Look at me sending premium nudes while this man will just send sad quality nudes. I even thought it was a filter only to find out that his phone was terrible. Dear men, a good camera will take your dick game to another level.

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Chizaram, 23

Last year, this guy I was talking to for 3 months sent me a picture of his dick. It was such a disturbing image that it could have featured on a cursed images site. The dick looked dirty. I had so many questions, like oga, why did you just send me a dehydrated dick? Why were there signs of crust on his penis when it’s not dried bread?  I was legit worried it might have been an STI, so I ghosted. Lanre, if you ever see this, please wash your prick before sending a dick pic.

Vivian, 24

Dear men, try and get your penis a little bit hard before sending a dick picture. I know you want to believe that your partner will like your penis no matter what, but trust me, you don’t want to send a limp dick to them. In pictures, non-hard dicks look like dead rats. So, cupping it in your hands just sends I-can-hold-dead-rats vibes. Sending nudes is the perfect time to be a hard guy. 

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