We saw a tweet asking women about their “most ghetto” experience with getting their hair done, so we asked some Nigerian women to tell us theirs as well. Who knew getting your hair done could be such a crazy experience?


So, I was getting my hair done with this woman who was either sick or pregnant at the time. I should have stopped the session when she started gagging while washing my hair with shampoo, but I carried on. After a while, she took a break to eat but then stopped eating because she felt dizzy. I asked if she could continue, but she insisted. About fifteen minutes into braiding my, she burped and the next thing I felt was some wet humongous rubbish on my head. This woman vomited on my head.


My hairdresser, while giving me life advice about how I should leave useless men, made me record the “advice” and send to my boyfriend.


One time, I used this new hairdresser and apparently my cream finished. I asked her to use some of hers and she agreed. The cream was a bit cold, so looked in the mirror to see this woman using her spit as cream. HER SPIT. I jumped up so fast, and she had the audacity to tell me I was overreacting


My hairdresser put my hair under the dryer and left because she had something “important” to take care of. I think she went to have sex, because she came back looking too half-hazard and smiley for my liking. Part of my hair was burnt and yes, I have not gone to the hairdressers since. I currently have been rocking a low cut for four years, and might lock my hair next year.


One day, at the hairdressser’s place, I was eating some chips because I was hungry while she made my hair, and this woman kept dipping her hand into my chips to eat with me. When I asked her about it, she asked me If I was the only one hungry, that she was hungry too.



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