There are certain braided hairstyles for girls that are so awesome, they can never go out of style. Here are seven of them. If you’re ever at the salon, stuck on which hairstyle to go with, pick one of these. You’re welcome.

1. Twisted Mohawk

This is a beautiful natural hairstyle for girls. It leaves no hair no hair on your face and is twisted to protect the hair. Best of all, it always comes out looking beautiful.

2. Braided Pigtails

This is easily one of the most protective hairstyles for girls. It is a fun twist to regular pigtails and can be styled in different ways with cute hair accessories.

3. Ghanaian Cornrows

Cornrows are in right now for black girls, and to be honest, they never went out of style. This style has thick rows with really tiny ones in between. One thing that will make this hairstyle pop is colourful threads. 

4. High Ponytails

This hairstyle is as adorable as they come. To achieve this, cornrows are braided higher in a protective style so that it stays out of the face. Make sure the braids are not too tight to avoid hair bumps.

5. Dutch Braids

For little girls who don’t like sitting still for long, this is a good hairstyle. You can add hair extensions if you want but it is better with natural hair.

6. Short Box Braids

It is always fun to switch things up. Box braids are a fun hairstyle for girls especially when you add colourful beads to the tips.

7. Knotless Curly Tipped Braids

This is a fun and easy hairstyle older girls should try. The braids are loose and curled at the tips. It can be styled in fishtails,  high ponytails, buns, etc.

8. Braided Mohawk

This look is very unique and it will have your kids looking confident. It consists of thin and thick cornrows pulled away from their hairline and braided with extensions to form a chunky Mohawk bun. Your kids will love this.

9. Top Bun with Cornrows

Kids love hairstyles that allow them accessories. Make sure the cornrows are not too tight and be sure to condition her hair and wrap it up in a silk scarf so that it stays smooth for a long time.

10. Braided crowns

Braided crowns are a very special hairstyle for girls that makes them feel like princesses. Cornrows are fun but turning it into a crown makes it twice as fun. The best part is that it is easy to maintain.


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