2 years ago, Nigerian photographer,  Ayo Akinwande, started shooting his photo series, Orekelewa, the first of his long-term project, ‘Women of Africa’.

In this series, Ayo captured these beautiful Nigerian grandmas with the aim of portraying their beauty, strength and values.

Check out more pictures from the series below:

Just look at her fleeking brows. Their makeup was done by Desmond Soso.

They were all styled by Adeniji Opeyemi and Seyi Kafi.

Jamming to music via Beats headphones will make anyone smile like this.

Just see how peng they look with their geles and heels.

Not every time form serious, sometimes pout for a selfie.

She looks amazing with her beach hat.

If you want to view more pictures from Ayo, head to his Instagram page via @Iamayoakinwande.


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