Brows are usually raised at older men who hold unnecessary conversations and consequently make advances to underage girls.

What are you even looking for, sir?

Tyga broke his first record of dating underage girls at 25 when he landed his current girlfriend Kylie when she was just 17.

Because, catch them young.

He dropped a single titled “Stimulated” with questionable lyrics focused on intercourse with a younger girl.

Could he be referring to his girlfriend?  Maybe. The internet world made little noise about it and got with the program after a while because she was only a year younger than 18.

But like the proverbial leopard that never changes its spots, Tyga was alleged to have been in love with and keeping in close touch with a 14 year old Instagram model and singer.


Molly O’Malia then came out in (crocodile) tears to the press after a blurred picture of her was plastered on a magazine, blaming her for breaking Tyga and Kylie up in November, 2015.

She mentioned how he slid into her DMs and constantly messaged her, asking her to FaceTime with him more than once.

Tyga has gone on TMZ to say he was only interested in her singing talent but the press and blogs aren’t having any of it.

Tyga is now being called a creepy predator and pedophile. We pity his not so buoyant musical career sha.

What do you think?

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