Riri has a new video *grabs, popcorn, fan and anointing oil*

Because the teaser was straight fire abeg.

1. See her swags! Oh baby girl on pink jacket!!

Nah, Rihanna is always on point.

2. Hay God! She has started with adult butterfly! This is gonna be a deadly video.

3. Eleyi ma fa Igbo. Riri don’t follow bad friends oh!

*This one is smoking weed*

4. Isn’t that floor dirty?

Fine girl stand up, don’t dirty your cloth please.

5. These people can throw correct party! See barbeque!

6. Oh boy, they are nearing themselves oh!

7. They have now fully neared themselves!

Oga Drake, what is 16 + 6?

8. Ah it’s 2 videos?! *cries in coconut oil and shea butter*

What have we done to deserve this blessing?

9. HA! Omolomo is not wearing complete cloth oh!

…and look at how Drake too is just sitting in the chair! He will not even offer her jacket in case she cold.

10. WAIT! Who stole the balance of her skirt?

Shame to bad people. She still looks spicy, your plan did not work.

11. It’s like uncle is having cough at the back.

Us too sir. Us too…

12. She is now looking directly at me and the answer to anything she asks me is “yes ma”.

Yes mother, I am here for you.

13. This guy needs to leave, he is talking too much! Ah!

It’s kuku good that your part in the song is short.

14. She is still looking at me oh!

I’m coming ma, let me just bath and wear shoe.

Nah, that video left us like…

Anyway, enjoy the videos as we have enjoyed the videos



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