Despite having African origins, some African Americans appear to lack basic knowledge of African culture and more specifically, Nigerian culture.

The most elaborate wedding of January 2016 i.e #Tsquared2016 happened on the 30th of the month and the pomp and fair shook Lagos.

Coincidentally, Wale came into the country around the time of the wedding.
Are you pondering what we’re pondering?

But of course, he made an appearance at the wedding and even took pictures with his Nigerian musician friends, Olamide and Wizkid.
We forgive him for doing Mogbo Moya sha.

But because people don’t mind their business and like to criticise what doesn’t appear normal to them, an American follower dissed Olamide’s shoes on Wale’s Instagram page.

Being the true Nigerian that he is, he didn’t mince words and dished it right back.

We are so proud!

People of different cultures have their various ways of dressing and that should be respected regardless of wherever they may be from.

Let us know your opinion.

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