Ugandan President Museveni while returning from a World Population Day commemoration, stopped by the roadside to make a phone call that lasted 30 minutes.

But we’re wondering who brought the chair for him.

Why did he have to stop his entire convoy because of one phone call?

But who was he talking to self? Was he calling the love of his life?

Haters will say this picture isn’t real.

Even TV stations had to join in the trolling.

What if he was shooting a video with Nicki Minaj?

Or was he responsible for Ronaldo’s famous trip?

Was he trying to sharply get roadside food?

He should kuku be the one sitting on the Iron Throne.

Even Robert Mugabe came to say hi.

Some people sha did copy-copy.

But at least President Museveni obeyed traffic laws and didn’t talk on the phone while driving. Let’s clap for him abeg.

Even though he wasn’t the one driving and didn’t need to come out of his car in the first place.



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