Twitter has Replaced the Favourite Button With a Heart and Nigerian Twitter is Outraged!

November 3, 2015

So today is the day of reckoning for Twitter as the widely-loved social network has decided to replace the ‘favourite’ button …. with a ‘like’ button… in the shape of a heart.

For almost 10 years, Twitter has featured a favourite button in the shape of a yellow star but decided the yellow star just isn’t good enough anymore. And Nigerians are.. flabbergasted, confused, outraged, annoyed, worried, fearful of what this ‘like’ button will unleash on their online lives.

Reactions range from this.

To this.

To this.

And even this.

A good question to ask is WHY has Twitter done such a thing?

Twitter’s product manager Akarshan Kuma said, “We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite.” Kumar further explained that the heart was chosen for its broad appeal and meaning across cultures: “The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures and time zones. You’ve embraced hearts in a big way on Periscope, and we’re delighted to bring them to Twitter and Vine, making them the common language for our global community.”

But some have accused Twitter of copying Facebook which allows users to “like” photos, comments and posts.

Dear Twitter, in the wise words of a Nigerian mother ..”But if Facebook jumps off a bridge will you follow and jump as well!?”

Others are simply not impressed with the meaning of the red heart symbol.

Some have asked the question we are all thinking.

Please help us ask them!

Some Nigerians have brought up the wahala this ‘like’ button will cause.

As well as the religious implications of the ‘like’ button.

They have pointed out the things we REALLY needed on twitter.

Other Nigerians have explained the real use of the ‘favourite’ button.

So fellow Nigerians, what do YOU think?

[zkk_poll post=9117 poll=content_block_standard_format_13] From today, hearts will appear on Twitter for iOS and Android,, TweetDeck, Twitter for Windows 10 and on Tweets across the internet. So enjoy! ?

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