Tomatoes have become scarce and really expensive in Nigeria as a result of pestilence caused by a moth, Tuta Absoluta, which has damaged many farmers’ harvest across the country. Sigh!

And while Nigerians are trying to deal with this problem, you won’t believe there’s an actual tomato throwing festival in Spain annually.

During the festival known as La Tomatina people from all around the world travel to a village near Valencia in Spain, and throw tomatoes for entertainment. And guess what? This is the 70th year of the festival.

People suddenly began sharing images from previous La Tomatina festivals and these were our reactions:

When you hear about an actual tomato festival but refuse to believe it.

Na lie abeg!

When you see pictures of them throwing tomatoes during the festival

Are those even real tomatoes?

When you remember you bought 4 tomatoes at 500 Naira.

Come and adopt me please.

When the tomatoes they’re throwing become bars of gold in your eyes.

You people are gods oh.

When you realise the tomatoes they’re throwing can make a hundred pots of soup.


When you don’t mind making stew with the tomatoes on the floor.

Who neatness don epp at this point?

When you start wondering how they got so many free tomatoes.

How though?

When you start thinking of going to Spain to help them take care of their tomatoes.

Edakun, let me assist you.

People of Spain, come and dash us the tomatoes that you’re not using.

We’re not even doing shakara!


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