In January 2016, Mattel, the manufacturers of the popular fashion doll, Barbie released the doll in new and diverse body sizes and colours.

Although the conventional Barbie doll remained a part of the debut, the other dolls were aimed to represent all the different forms of girls around the world.

As commendable and brilliant as this debut is, some demographic of girls still remain unrecognised.

This Nigerian lady after stumbling into the Barbiestyle page on Instagram got inspired to give the doll a new look.

Haneefah Adam is not only a medical scientist but also a Nigerian lifestyle blogger and modest fashion enthusiast.

And while at it, the 24 year old M.Sc. degree holder in Pharmacology runs her lifestyle brand Hanie collection.

Hijarbie was born out a desire to inspire young Muslim girls by giving them a model that represents their religious background.

Who loves a tutu skirt as much as I do! 👛

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Hijarbie’s wardrobe features really stylish pieces with matching hijabs that are making older Muslim women swoon.

Haneefah also hopes to dress up more dolls of diverse colours and sizes in the future.

Plans to make the doll available for sale are currently in the works as Muslim women around the world are excited to buy these dolls for their daughters.

In spite of the negative Islamophobic comments, Hijarbie stays slaying.

You can view other cute pictures on Instagram: @Hijarbie

Haneefah is also an artsy individual and a DIY enthusiast.

Other creative works from her can be found on her social media pages. Twitter: @Ms_hanie Instagram: @Muslimahanie


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