Have you ever been robbed? Imagine getting home after a long day and finding your prized belongings missing.

Hay God!

Or the horror of knowing someone snuck into your space and felt comfortable enough to take things away in your absence.

Father lord!! How did they get past the burglarproof windows?

This Nigerian shared a hilarious tweet about how a thief’s escape plan was thwarted.

A burglarproof gate finally works!!

His head got stuck all through the night!

The storekeeper must have been like…

Since he had gone through, stolen and was about escaping, we have questions as to how his head got stuck.

Did his head suddenly get bigger?

Or did the burglarproof gate get smaller?

These hilarious tweets from Nigerian twitter followed…

This pun about using his head.

Jabs were thrown at Arsenal FC.


What do you think?

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