It’s been a long day and your stomach is basically saying “epp me”. So you drag yourself to the kitchen to make a nice pot of Jollof or even Eba.

And just when you’re about to serve your food and eat till you pass out…

You realise some people have moved your pot of food.

This food theft is reportedly happening in many parts of Kwara state such as Tanke, Basin, Sango and Offa Garage, especially to people living in unfenced houses.

As reported by The Guardian, these wicked thieves look out for people’s cooking pots and steal them right when the food is ready.

However, the police spokesman, Ajayi Okasanmi, vowed to deal with anyone caught stealing food according to the Penal Code.

The former chairman of the NLC, Emmanuel Ayeoribe, even related this shocking events to the non-payment of Kwara state workers’ salaries.

It is unfortunate to realise the lengths people in Kwara state have to go just to feed themselves. We hope these salaries get paid on time so the crime rate doesn’t rise to a dangerous level.



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