These Nigerian And Ghanaian Teenagers Were Rewarded For Helping An Elderly Woman

February 5, 2016

Sadly, black teenagers are often only covered in the news when matters of crime and bad behaviour arise.

So when they rise to the occasion of helping the elderly, they should be commended.

An elderly British woman, Zenaida Cabrera slipped in ice and lost consciousness right outside a Tesco store, late January 2016.

Fortunately for her, these four teenagers who happened to be walking to their St. Bonaventure Catholic School, at the time, rushed to her rescue. They took to action, with two of them staying with her till the ambulance arrived, while the others went to report at their school.

The following week, she paid a visit to the school albeit still healing from the fall.

As a show of gratitude, she presented a cheque of 50 pounds to Kyron Onireti, Charles Hamadi, Tyrese Attefuah-Appau and Gabrielle Adegoke for coming to her rescue.

These boys are showing that black teenagers aren’t criminals and are capable of showing kindness to others.

We are proud of them and wish them well.

What do you think about their commendable act of kindness?

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