The most critically-acclaimed Academy Awards happened recently and some of the things that happened made us nearly fall off our chairs in shock and laughter. Here are some of the things that made the Oscars feel like a Nollywood  movie script.

The host of the awards, Chris Rock began by throwing major shade at the organisers for the lack of diversity the categories had.
He came mercilessly for everybody.

He then proceeded to troll Will and Jada Smith for boycotting the Oscars.

Did anybody even invite them in the first place?

He reminded us of Patience Ozokwor, the one and only revered queen of shade in Nollywood.

Only her can begin an opening scene launching missiles of shade on everybody.

After being snubbed four times, and pulling an Nkiru Sylvanus on the world with his role in The Revenant movie…

And being extremely pitiful…

Can you spot the difference between this man and Nkiru Sylvanus?

Leonardo Dicarprio finally won the Oscar he had been crying for.


And just like how we sometimes expect to see Ramsey Nouah slay a nice movie and the directors choose to snub him and slap Emeka Ike on our faces instead…

Because one-syllable-at-a-time-speaking Emeka does it better than everybody else.

The Academy also chose to snub awesome nominated movies like The Martian and Star Wars and awarding movies like Spotlight and The Hateful Eight.

This Ela was unnecessary sha.

And the mother of plot twists, right after making this ridiculous statement….

This happened.

When you have to do the dance of shame in the market.

Not to forget, the dramatic wardrobe assemble.

Because stylish clothes are too mainstream.

When you have to be young and be someone’s old fairy god mother at the same time.

The lack of diversity is currently being addressed by the Academy. In the light of that, we look forward to when Nigerian and in general, African movies will make a big impact in the international scene.


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