We know some of you are single to stupor and currently searching for the love of your life. Twitter user, @Vaness_ah, the newest love doctor in town, took it upon herself to help those who are tired of the single life. She asked them to tweet at her stating what they had to offer in a relationship and the replies were hilarious.

Some people are young and ready for it.

@Vaness_ah I may be young but I’m ready to love, got great taste in music, funny and i love breast. pic.twitter.com/DG3SmFn9CR

— M. (@King_Eisenheim) May 3, 2016

This guy won’t ask you to pay if you go out with him.


I can cook I’m not boring all the time I have great taste in music I smell nice I won’t ask you to pay if we go out — Hugo (@Hxgo__) May 3, 2016

This guy’s plantain game is on point.

@Vaness_ah just epp me plix. I will cook and wash paynt everyday. Professional plantain fryer too pic.twitter.com/NkckURFuQi

— Idris Elba (@DJBLAKITO) May 4, 2016

This fine girl that has happiness to share.

@Vaness_ah can cook

Would make you happy . ? pic.twitter.com/Ktfs4xlmhY — TW wigs • Emotions (@Teniwadess) May 3, 2016

This young and humble individual.

@Vaness_ah see, I might be young but I’m ready. It’s beg I’m begging, I don’t do igberaga,ham kul&gr8. pic.twitter.com/nozVXqFKhw

— young jethro. (@TheGreyHunter) May 3, 2016

This upcoming rich guy that wants to be trapped with Oha soup.

@Vaness_ah i am upcoming rich, 6’6, slim and light skinned and just trap me if you can prepare ofe oha .. lol pic.twitter.com/EwQXmp1Cia

— Hussein (@ChidiZeus) May 3, 2016

This self-proclaimed Yoruba demon.

Wow animal RT @moyodre1: @Vaness_ah Yoruba demon, dog, approach with caution. Looking for prey. pic.twitter.com/HzUhmJTmKE

— Kunle Salensa (@badmankayy) May 3, 2016

This occasionally single guy.

@Vaness_ah I don’t like people, sometimes I can be single sometimes not pic.twitter.com/lj1Vpc8sOE

— LRVD EVANS XVIII (@TheKidEMC) May 3, 2016

This girl that will always ask if her bae has eaten.


If you date me, I’ll ask you if you’ve eaten pic.twitter.com/6acZZt2Buq — Nedu Too Much Money (@hrm_chinedum) May 3, 2016

The girl with international exposure and dual citizenship.

@Vaness_ah I have blue Pali and I can cook. Btw you can lay on my chest after a long day. Plx, thanks pic.twitter.com/Tvje8ndhX0

— Arewa (@itsife_love) May 3, 2016

This rich man that cheats once in a while.

@Vaness_ah I’m rich and I cheat only once a week. pic.twitter.com/Sbxy7X1IGp

— Osama Bin Login (@snypa_CFC) May 3, 2016

This guy that can spread clothes very well.

@Vaness_ah I believe this site can Epp ? pic.twitter.com/z6RCUe5b9M

— PAPI (@BeLikeFrn6) May 3, 2016

This guy that wants us to know he’s a child of God.

@Vaness_ah ?? pic.twitter.com/ealM8Fx83M

— Retired Demon ✌ (@IbraBollZ) May 3, 2016

This guy just wants international exposure at all costs.

@Vaness_ah I need a girl who won Amelica visa lottery and needs a fake husband to escort her there. pic.twitter.com/OktqcpuB9h

— Bowale (@Son_of_a_O) May 4, 2016

This very good ‘toaster’.

@Vaness_ah I’m warm and accomodation. And i can toast well pic.twitter.com/KYLQOMiNVl

— OJ for Only Juice (@OJ_SEYI) May 3, 2016

This guy that will never eat from ‘edible catering’.

@Vaness_ah I can sing ?

I won’t do cocaine while you’re recording I don’t know any edible catering #waveBoy ???? pic.twitter.com/VtKwg0LW0w — KIYAGI (@KizzErnie) May 3, 2016

We wish everybody that’s currently searching for the bae of their dreams all the best.

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