There are a few things that are still taboo to talk about in Nigeria. Like sex.

Homosexuality is an entirely different ball game.

Now, there a new short film that’s about the issue.

It’s about sexual relationships, same sex ones to be exact.

Titled Hell and High Water, this film deals with homosexuality and religion.

It tells the story of a young pastor who is loved and adored by those around him. But when he has to confront his inner demons, things change. He has to deal with “a truth” that could make or break him psychologically.

But, whatever his choice is, there will still be serious repercussions.

Because life as he knew it is about to change. Hell and High Water explores the reality of sexuality amidst spirituality, exorcism, blackmail and family life.

It is produced by AMVCA winner, Asurf Oluseyi, and written by Habeeb Lawal.

Asurf Oluseyi won the 2016 Africa Magic Viewes Chocie Award for “Best Short Film” for A Day With Death.

It also stars 2016 AMVCA winner for Best Actor, Daniel K. Daniel.

Other actors are Enyinna Nwigwe, Ashionye M. Racca, Tunbosun Aiyedehin, Adedayo Davies and Chika Okeke.

Watch the trailer below.

We wonder how Nigerians will receive this.

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