Some Nigerians believe that there are no jobs, some believe there are jobs, if you know where to look. But it’s come to light that there are plenty of jobs, but it’s being snatched up by people with “connections”.

Of course there’s the getting of jobs through networking, which is legit. But there are those that aren’t qualified, who still get important jobs because their parents or relatives or family friends are in power. Like the current situation that has come to light.

Sahara Reporters broke the news of Nigerians who were offered important positions at the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).

The news site published a list of young people who have influential background and were recently offered appointments by CBN in a covert hiring process.

More than 200 people are said to be on this list!

We know this happens, but this one is on a really large scale. SaharaReporters claims CBN appointed these relatives of various government officials without following due process.

Wow! Just wow!

That many people?! Nawa for Nigeria.

And we thought the Nigerian government couldn’t surprise us anymore.

This is disappointing, even though it’s not surprising.

This is the second scandal to happen since Godwin Emefiele became the governor of Central Bank.

Before this, CBN was scammed to the tune of 190,000 dollars.

The reactions of Nigerians were varied.

Some made jokes, as Nigerians like to do in these kind of situations.

To some, it’s not only CBN that does this. They just got caught at it.

Some see It as democratic freedom.

Some believe that no Nigerian is innocent. They just do theirs on a smaller scale.

Others believe that the CBN needs to be cleaned up.

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