The world is slowly coming to accept that women can aspire to be whatever they want to be. In this inspiring story shared by UNICEF, this Ghanaian woman once again shows us there’s nothing wrong in following ones dreams.

Like most of our parents, Rosemary Amposah’s mother always wanted her to be a nurse, doctor or at least join the police force. She believed people in such occupations were highly respected.

However, plans changed when she graduated from high school and started working as a sales attendant at a filling station because there were only few jobs around. Unfortunately, her job brought little fulfillment.

Surprisingly, her father proved to be far from the typical African father when he encouraged her to learn welding and enrolled her in an institution to help with her training even though her mother hated it.

Joining the school made her the first girl in her class with other 15 boys, and instead of cheering her on, most people only passed negative comments. Especially a man who said her job was going to prevent her from getting married and having children.

In spite of the long distance (she walks to her school) and all the negativity, Rosemary doesn’t even care about what the haters have to say.

It’s funny how people never mention how a man’s job will prevent him from having children or getting married.

Well sha, we’re very inspired by Rosemary’s story and wish her the best!

Featured image credit: UNICEF


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