After going through fuel scarcity, heat, permanent leader syndrome and many other African problems, we all eventually want to make heaven.

A South African pastor has been making trips between heaven and earth.

And he was kind enough to take heavenly pictures to show mere mortals like us.

But all you sinners can’t just view such holy pictures free of charge…

Propher Mboro is charging 5,000 Rand, approximately 68,000 Naira for those who want to know what heaven looks like.

Although haters are trolling him on Twitter.

Because even Jesus has not accomplished this feat.

Maybe only Samsung Galaxy S5 phones work in heaven.

He sha took a selfie with the serpent of Eden.

And probably followed the ladder to heaven.

He doesn’t care, he just wants people to stop sending him nudes.

But really, who heaven selfies epp?

Will they buy someone a seat in the kingdom of heaven?

If not, let us all meet at the feet of Jesus abeg!



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