Ghanaian Pastor Addison Adamu, the founder of Freedom House Church International, Atlanta, Georgia wanted us to know how much he loved children when he shared pictures of him “backing” a child on his Facebook page.

That’s not the best part, he managed to preach the word of God, and heal the sick…

With this adorable little girl on his back.

He captioned the pictures “Having awesome time during Ephphatha conference: babysitting, preaching and healing the sick at the same time. what an awesome time to love on little kids Jesus so love dearly.”

He loves children just like Jesus did but couldn’t he give the little girl a chair to sit on while he preached and watched over her?​

Is backing a child the only way to babysit?

Is this little girl not too old to be backed with a wrapper?

Are women (including female pastors) this celebrated for backing a child while preaching?

Is it necessary for any pastor or public speaker whether male or female to literally back a child while talking to an audience?

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