It is no news that there is, has been and most likely will continue to be, a kind of sort of ongoing beef like this between Nigeria and Ghana.

But is it really any wonder? To Nigerians, Ghana is like that younger brother that is tired of staying under his big bro’s glory and wants to shine too.

So it is common to find Nigerians throw shade at Ghanaians regarding everything from their complexion to whose jollof rice is really better.

And it appeared like we were winning, for a while at least, until this happened…

While this one was trying to claim Nigerian born but British trained current world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, he forgot that it is not good to play with stones if you’re wearing glasses.

That’s how the thing backfired.

Which really shouldn’t have pained Nigerians, if not that it was true.

You see for the past few weeks Daddy Bubu has been using us to do hide and seek.

And as this one has come to yab us now we cannot even report.

Na to just siddon cry remain.

Daddy Bubu, where are you na?!!


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