So this guy on Twitter asked people to say when last their Nigerian fathers hugged them. Some of the responses will make you want to do like this:

1. But why it gotta be embarrasing though?

2. Trying to hug your father and he looks at you like: “What you doing boy?”

3. At least this one got hugged, even if it was two years ago and it was just a lousy side hug:

4. This one last got hugged from the womb!

5. This guy can’t even comprehend how to initiate the thing:

6. But really, you don’t hug Nigerian fathers, you prostrate for them.

7. Hug for where? When hand dey.

8. Sardonic! Cold! *sigh*

9. When you try to sneak a hug to your Nigerian father but he’s not buying it:

10. Eez not even that the file got corrupted, it does not even exist!

11. Nigga didn’t even want to shake hands!

12. African fathers have really been too conditioned to be hard:


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