Nigerian Senators Were Incredibly Passionate About Women’s Rights On International Women’s Day

March 9, 2016

In a world where gender inequality and patriarchy thrive, people in powerful positions ought to work together to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

The International Women’s Day was set side to recognise and celebrate all the women of the world for their social, political and economic achievements.

In this gathering that costs Nigeria over 120 billion Naira annually…

One would think lasting solutions to the country’s problems are discussed and implemented.

 Unfortunately, our Nigerian senators would rather engage in Oshodi fights.

Or re-enact scenes from Prison Break…

Or sometimes compare Nigerian women to objects.

And on International Women’s Day rather than address issues such as child marriage, rape, infringed rights to education and other pressing issues…

They would rather make jokes on how women should be married off in polygamous marriages.

What’s all this?

Are Nigerian lawmakers rather very unfortunate?

Or just incredibly ignorant?

How can marriage be the only logical way to champion women’s rights?

Can Nigeria move forward with the rest of the world at this pace?

Maybe someone could be kind enough to help find the priorities they lost.

We’re sha not there oh!

These people should be happy it’s just feminists being angry. I wish women would organise to pelt Senator Ndume with eggs.

— Editi Effiòng (@EditiEffiong) March 8, 2016

It’s about time for Nigerian lawmakers to sit up, make research, address issues and make efforts to implement lasting solutions to problems.

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