We all know her as the hilarious comedienne, Chigul, but in this documentary by Kemi Adetiba, Chioma Omeruah showed the world her emotional side.

Nigerian music director and film maker, Kemi Adetiba recently launched a documentary series themed “King Women”.

Featuring other successful Nigerian women such as TY Bello and Taiwo Ajayi -Lycett, this series seeks to share the glory and pain behind their success so as to paint a realistic picture of what real life role models go through.

In a recently released teaser of the King Women series, Chigul shared how much she quarreled with her mother especially when she had marital crisis.

She said “…I resented her because I felt I was going through a tough time in my marriage and she was just telling me, Go back to your husband, Go back to your husband”.

Not losing her humourous touch, she explained how everybody around insisted on her holding on to an already failing marriage.

“Is anybody asking me what’s going on with me and how I feel and how it’s doing me in my body? Did anybody care?”

She tearfully mentioned how hurt and disappointed she was after her marriage fell apart.

“When my marriage fell apart, I failed at something and I had nowhere to land. Like, it fell apart and I didn’t want it to fall apart and I feel like I disappointed my dad because we talked about it before he died”.

And despite going through so much all by herself…

“No one was there and I wanted people to be there. I wanted to be able to go to my mom and say I’m tired…. And she’d just always say “Go back to your husband”. 

And learning of her husband’s love child with another woman…

“When I found that my mom, like she knew, I was like, I’m done with everybody, don’t talk to me! But I later thought about it like how was she supposed to bring that to me, like news? Like gist?

She still loves her mother and is grateful for the milestones in her career but also wants to have her own children.

“I wanted to give her grandchildren. I wanted us to bond over those things. My success with my life, my career is great, it’s wonderful. But I want other things”.

When Nigerians found out Chigul was married..

And could relate to the pain she felt.

We were all moved.

Several other women experience hardships in many aspects of their life that cannot be expressed openly.

It should be understood that marital crisis aren’t necessarily a taboo or things that can be solved by only the woman in the marriage.

Watch the teaser of her story here.

Keep up with the other featured women in the series via Kemi Adetiba’s Youtube Channel: Adventures Of Kemi Adetiba


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