Nigeria See Your Mates! Rwanda and South Africa Rocking Smartphone Plants

October 16, 2019

While Nigeria is busy engaging in a lot of shenanigans that are not moving the country forward in any way, Rwanda recently established the first smartphone manufacturing plant in Africa — Mara phones.

This is a feat that has been a longtime coming and I can’t help but applaud it.

What about the Giant of Africa?

This makes me wonder about the sorry state of the Giant of Africa whose Minister of Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, whose post is hardly remembered (since he doesn’t seem to be doing anything).

It’s gonna be a whole new level with the “Made In Rwanda” smartphones as Rwanda plays the perfect host, creating more employment for its citizens.

Considering that Nigerians seem to be smartphone collectors, I’m pretty sure the appeal of a made in Africa smartphone will make Mara Phones storm the market and oh, the Lion insignia on the phone cover is so cool.

What are your thoughts? Will you feel comfortable buying a made in Africa smartphone?

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